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IMH is a nonprofit organization, created to provide minority groups, refugees and immigrants in the US with a “one-stop shop” solution for resourceful information and access to valuable networks. At IMH we believe that life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn. We understand that minority groups, refugees and immigrants want to learn to walk on the right path in order to achieve their life goals but often lack the right information at the right time to do so.

That’s where we step in.

IMH actively steps in as a guide, helping them to navigate their journey by providing them with powerful tools to ensure they are well equipped with information and networks that help them learn and grow so that they can take their next steps on their journeys and successfully integrate into New Hampshire communities and industries. Our end goal is to empower and elevate their status from dependents to independents who are able to contribute value as citizens and back into the society.

“When a king has good counselors, his reign is peaceful”
– African proverb


At IMH we believe that when minority groups, refugees and immigrants are given access to the right information and the right people, at the right time produces transformational results.

Help You Navigate To Your Destination

What We Do

We connect. We service. We resource.

We connect minority groups, refugees and immigrants to organizations in EDUCATION - HEALTH - EMPLOYMENT and provide them with a clear road map on how to navigate these organizations to ensure the best possible outcome for both parties. 

What We Do

We service our customers with immigration documentation, and provide help them process their affordable care act (ACA) paperwork as well as administration queries relating to x&y. 

We are a resource center with over 1000 networks in specialized areas of x,y,z and a database of 15,000+ contacts…

We are a central point and a bridge between these groups and private industries, government agencies and international NGOs. 

We don’t believe in the hand-me down model whereby we give you the fish to eat. Instead we empower you to make you aware of resources available that will enable you to feed yourself and your family. 

At IMH, we have identified that the real challenges for minority groups, refugees and immigrants in New Hampshire is not the lack of skill sets or motivation, but the lack of access to resources.

Learn Grow


“ IMH has helped me understand the importance of communicating with my employer and gaining health insurance ”

Alison Ebulanza

“ I struggled to find information on education programmes that were in my language and often didn’t apply for free trainings because I did not know translations where available. I came into contact with IMH and now I’ve enrolled in my first workshop since I got to NH in 2004 ”

Nadal Jamani

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